Wipe the Counters

Oops. A spill!

Make sure you sweep and mop the floor

Answer the Phone

Answer the Door

Pay some bills

Pay some more

Call for house repairs

Call here, call there

Drive everywhere

Go to the grocery store

Go to the pet store

Check on the new house

Check in with the spouse

Feed the animals

Don’t forget to feed yourself

Don’t put your soul on a shelf

You know you are simultaneously in love with your new role

And sad as you realize just how insular this life is

Where is the companionship

A Chief Household Officer has no coworkers to speak of

So, you do some other things

Like dance, music and art

The things that call your bouncing heart

But, in the back of your mind

Are all the things left undone

Don’t worry

You’ll wake up tomorrow

And fall in love again