A whimsical take on the tradition of eating horseradish on Passover. This was Day 5’s poem for the Poem-a-Day Challenge.

I never thought you’d be so popular

Children either run from you or compete to see how much they can eat

Adults are similarly inclined

On our holiday we eat you— reclined

No one knows quite how you got your English name

Some hypothesize that our pronunciation skills are lame

Meer becomes mare

From plant to horse in one fell swoop

But, don’t be fooled

Though your size is large like a horse

You are not nearly as gentle as many

So, watch out!

If one does not know that you are neither horse, nor radish

Surprise! You will bite back.

Yet, with the right mix of other things, the fear becomes intrigue

Give me more they shall scream!

This horseradish appears to resemble cream. Yum!

It’s the most delicious version I’ve eaten

This sauce cannot be beaten

Or beeten; no red needed

Delicious, they cry

As a tear rolls down his or her eye