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Wipe the Counters

Oops. A spill!

Make sure you sweep and mop the floor

Answer the Phone

Answer the Door

Pay some bills

Pay some more

Call for house repairs

Call here, call there

Drive everywhere

Go to the grocery store

Go to the pet store

Check on the new house

Check in with the spouse

Feed the animals

Don’t forget to feed yourself

Don’t put your soul on a shelf

You know you are simultaneously in love with your new role

And sad as you realize just how insular this life is

Where is the companionship

A Chief Household Officer has no coworkers to speak of

So, you do some other things

Like dance, music and art

The things that call your bouncing heart

But, in the back of your mind

Are all the things left undone

Don’t worry

You’ll wake up tomorrow

And fall in love again


A whimsical take on the tradition of eating horseradish on Passover. This was Day 5’s poem for the Poem-a-Day Challenge.

I never thought you’d be so popular

Children either run from you or compete to see how much they can eat

Adults are similarly inclined

On our holiday we eat you— reclined

No one knows quite how you got your English name

Some hypothesize that our pronunciation skills are lame

Meer becomes mare

From plant to horse in one fell swoop

But, don’t be fooled

Though your size is large like a horse

You are not nearly as gentle as many

So, watch out!

If one does not know that you are neither horse, nor radish

Surprise! You will bite back.

Yet, with the right mix of other things, the fear becomes intrigue

Give me more they shall scream!

This horseradish appears to resemble cream. Yum!

It’s the most delicious version I’ve eaten

This sauce cannot be beaten

Or beeten; no red needed

Delicious, they cry

As a tear rolls down his or her eye

This poem was written for the 2015 Poem-a-Day (PAD) Challenge. This was Day 2’s poem.


Do you hear it calling you?

Your soul wants you to know

Your soul is ready to share

Are you ready to hear what it has to say?

Is your mind open to possibility?

It says: Don’t wait!

You say: Wait!


With waiting comes loss

Loss of time

Loss of Pride

Loss of Power


Do you hear it calling you?

Calling you to new adventures

Calling you to new love

Calling you to reclaim your talents

Calling you to reclaim your bounty

Do you hear it?

Don’t let your soul secrets pass you by

When your soul calls you


Temptation to resist the call





My soul suffers when I don’t heed the need

To listen to MY soul secrets

I should be preparing for your arrival

Instead I am consumed with a grief beyond words

Crying My Eyes Out

Wishing I could have done something; anything

Not realizing how badly both of you were suffering

Overpowered by a sense of love

Feeling guilty for trying again so soon

Feeling guilty if we don’t

Missing you more than I could ever express

Your due date is approaching

How will your dad and I survive?

Waking up with dread every morning

Because you are not here

And we can’t do anything about it.

Just know that we love you and always will

My stomach does flip-flops

While my feelings twist and turn

Sometimes I wonder if life will ever go my way.

The decisions I made

Were they right?

I can’t sleep for fear

Of things that go bump in the night.





Lullaby of the Ocean

The waves build and crash on the shore
The louder they are
The more peaceful and serene they become
The birds sound their calls
Almost like an echo
Oh, to be able to stay
While my troubles melt away
A world apart
From the place
Where my heart aches
As I watch and I listen
To the lullaby of the ocean

I wrote this poem  in 2007 while I was in Barra de Navidad, Mexico. It also appears on